11 Tips to Get the Best Out of DropBox Paper

It’s been quite a while since we have heard of ‘DropBox Paper’ coming out of the beta phase. So, what exactly is ‘DropBox Paper’?

DropBox Paper is a collaboration tool that will let you create shareable notes while neatly organizing various files and documents either in folders or in projects. That said, this tool is also quite capable enough to accept all kinds of media format, and hence, making it quite an easy task to chart up documents.

But, do you know that DropBox Paper can do much more – yes, DropBox Paper is a powerful tool when you know how to make the best use of it.

So, let’s take a look at what this collaboration tool is capable of.

Taking note of the ‘Search’ bar

Need a document but can’t seem to find it? How about using the ‘Search’ bar? All you need to type the name of the file (if you remember it!) or simply typing in the keyword will also do, and in only a span of a few seconds, the required file shows up.

Creating invite-only folders

When you create a folder in DropBox Paper, all the members of the team can see it (and that’s by default). Say, you want to create a folder for only a specific group of people, DropBox Paper will give you the option to do just that (by creating an invite-only folder, that is).

Taking shortcut

When it comes to formatting your documents or say, managing your team on DropBox Paper, this tool has an assortment of shortcuts that you can use to make your workflow seamless.

Apart from the usual shortcuts such as ‘Ctrl = B’ and ‘Ctrl + U’ for Bold and Underline, DropBox Paper supports the following shortcuts.

– Date: /date that’s followed up by the ‘Space’ bar
– Task List: [ ] followed up by the ‘Space’ bar
– Numbered List – ‘1’ followed up by the ‘Space’ bar
– Header: Ctrl + Alt + 1

Adding documents to a folder

Do you still place your document inside a folder by opening the folder itself? Doesn’t that take too much time?

Simply creating a document on the homepage page is your best bet, and once you have named it, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Add to Folder’ link below the name of the document, and the tool will be able to take care of the rest.

Counting the emojis

Aren’t there too many emojis on the document? If you feel like that you have added too many of them on your document, instead of counting them manually, you can let the tool do the work for you.

DropBox Paper takes the emojis under the radar and adds them to the word count – so, if you like to count the number of emojis along with the words on the document, you need to tap the three-dot tab on the upper right corner.

That’s it.

Pasting and rearranging images

When it comes to pasting screenshots, DropBox Paper lets you do that like a pro – you don’t have to upload the screenshots or even images the old and traditional way, rather, you only need to copy the images from the source and add them to the document.

Want to rearrange images?

All you need to do is to select the image that you want to move and move the mouse pointer where you want the images to go. Pretty neat, right?

Linking to media items

Want to display an audio file? Or, maybe even a YouTube video? Consider it done. Yes, that’s true – DropBox Paper will let you display them quite easily; in fact, you don’t have to add the embed link. All you need to do is copy and paste.

It’s kind of almost similar to images and screenshots.

Integrating with your calendar

Did you know that you can even integrate your calendar with DropBox Paper (and even with MS Outlook)? All you need to do that is to click on the name of the document and upon doing that, you will see that a small gray prompt will show up for ‘Link a calendar event’.

Simply select the calendar that you want to choose and then follow the next prompts, and after which, you will need to add the date and the meeting notes, and you will be done. And the best part is that once, you have integrated DropBox Paper with your calendar, all your schedules will show up on the home page of DropBox Paper.

Linking is easy

DropBox Paper also lets you add external links – but who actually has time to click it and add the link each and every time?

There’s a shortcut for it – you can select the text that you want to link, and then press Ctrl + K, and then, add in your link. Pretty fast, right?

Exporting your documents

DropBox Paper will let you export your documents in various documents such as PDF, MarkUp or Word formats. This comes in handy when you have to send over your documents to people who don’t have access to DropBox Paper.

Integration with third-party apps

DropBox Paper grants you the option to integrate with third-party apps, and thus, making this tool even more powerful – such as the ability to sign documents with DocuSign, or the ability to edit images with Adobe. The choices are many and practically limitless.

Hence, you see, there are literally many ways on how you can use DropBox Paper to make your workflow seamless – the above are only a few of the possibilities of DropBox Paper.

So, how do you use DropBox Paper?

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